“Engineering the Industrial Revolutions” is an exploration of industrial revolutions (past, present, and future) from an engineering and educational perspective, with the goal of gaining insight into ways to enhance engineering and educational creativity to build the future. “The Industrial Revolution” will be the first focus.

Brand, an experienced engineer, experimentalist, and educator, looks at history as a huge experiment, with lots of valuable information locked in the data which is still in the process of being analyzed. Data analysis, both quantitative and qualitative, is hindered because the surviving experimental log books are not necessarily up to Brand standards of clarity, completeness, accuracy, or even authenticity.

Postings about once a month are scheduled to document the detective work involved.


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  1. This is excellent. I am a retired alum of WPI in Worcester, Massachusetts and have recently pledged to posthumously endow a Trust for Entrepreneurial Promise for the benefit of both undergraduates and graduate students. This trust will support applied research into things that might lead to entrepreneurial ventures and I am working on raising funds from industry and elsewhere to provide early funding of the Trust. Academia seems to have a serious bias against applied research in favor of basic research. I intend to counter that at WPI.

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